Gary Jensen Support Letter

First, my respect goes out to every citizen that steps forward to serve the public by running for local office. Way to go!

In Ferndale, Connie Faria and Cathy Watson are both committed and experienced councilmembers and would do well for Ferndale’s future. Cathy, in particular, sets the standard for what public service should be.

In the Whatcom County Council positions, it is time for some diversity of thought. We are one county filled with many different opinions and desires. I don’t believe the goal was ever to dominate the council with members from one city or one party. Tyler Byrd and Mary Kay Robinson will bring a new and different perspective.

As to the Port of Bellingham, Dan Robbins has proven his value for the last four years. He is a full-time commissioner, never missing a meeting and attending many community events. The port is different than other political bodies in that it is a business that, by law, must be profitable. We all need Dan Robbins’ experience. In the same vein is Ken Bell, who brings valuable experience in operating in numerous ports around the world. Both Dan Robbins and Ken Bell are wise choices.

Gary Jensen

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