Laurie Irwin Support Letter

If you want a councilmember who listens to your concerns and helps you get the answers to your questions, then vote to keep Cathy Watson on the Ferndale City Council.

I’m a small business owner in Ferndale. My ability to retire is based on my ability to sell my business. I had some questions about the current zoning around my business that might impact my ability to sell it, so I reached out to Cathy. She explained the process for zoning changes, then arranged for me to meet with the city’s development director and finally followed up with me to see if I needed any additional help.

Because of the personal attention she paid to me, I also reached out to her when my uncle, who has a farm on Church Rd, had concerns about future road access to his property. Cathy immediately contacted him to arrange a time to meet. That meeting lasted for an hour as she walked with him around his property, listening carefully to his issues and explaining the next steps he would face as his concerns were addressed by the city’s hearing examiner.

Cathy cares deeply about Ferndale and its residents. When she says she’ll do something, you can absolutely count on her to get it done. Her campaign tag line is “Working for You” and her last six years on council have clearly shown us that this is very true. Please vote to keep Cathy Watson on council so she can continue to work for us.

Laurie Irwin
Ferndale, WA

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