Vote Cathy Watson for Ferndale City Council

I am writing to ask you to vote for Cathy Watson for Ferndale City Council, Position 5.  There are few individuals who can serve the citizens of Ferndale as ably as Cathy. With her thoughtful questioning and her creative ideas for solutions, Cathy is determined in her effort to find the most efficient and equitable solutions to Ferndale’s challenges.

From her service in the U.S Coast Guard to her work as a Public Affairs Officer with NASA, Cathy brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to the Council. What’s more, Cathy is a tireless volunteer in our community. Whether it’s helping serve at Ferndale’s Community Meal, cleaning up after breakfast at Ferndale’s Senior center, helping with the Friends of the Ferndale Library, teaching young girls technology with Vista Middle School’s Girls Robotics club, or any of the other too-numerous-to-mention activities, Cathy is generous with her time, knowledge, and compassion.

It is her compassion, however, that I admire most about Cathy. She is often a lone voice on Ferndale’s City Council that speaks for those who often go unheard; families struggling to afford a house, seniors struggling to pay their water bill, mothers looking for a safe place for their kids to play.

Since joining the City Council, I have not always agreed with Cathy, but I admire and respect the important perspectives she brings to our discussions. Ferndale needs the thoughtful, informed, and critical voice of Cathy Watson on the City Council. Please join me in voting for Cathy, Position 5.

Greg C. Hansen
Ferndale, Washington

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